João Martins

João Martins | Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach

He has always had ties with sports as a practitioner, graduate in Physical Education and Sports, post-graduation in functional training and specialized in various methodologies in training, nutrition and dieting.

His motivation comes from results obtained and the betterment in the quality of people´s lives.

What he believes in …

In harmony. Which is vital for physical exercise, in healthy eating habits, as much as health and self esteem, as for the pursuit of results.

In the unity of each athlete. Where every training is adapted to the necessities of each athlete depending on a physical, bodily and a nutritional evaluation, which will outline all of the training process.

In a healthy life style. Exercise is vital, even though to achieve significant improvement of a better quality of life it is necessary to introduce a healthy eating habit, which is responsible for the general wellbeing.

In the continuous monitoring of the training. Progress is reassessed monthly to determine the extent of the evolution of the program readjusting the process to increase the pursuit of results.

Change you life, be healthy.